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Current Newsletter Issue

Financial Update #2 – New Dues Structure

As you know from the last newsletter, we have had budget deficits in each of the last three years and expect to have one again this year. In order to shore up Temple Sinai’s finances, as well as recognize our diverse congregational membership, below is the new dues structure for next year:

  • L’Dor v’Dor Level – $3,600 ($300/mo)
  • Mezin (Sustaining) Level – $1,800 ($150/mo)
  • Mana (Helping) Level – $1,200 ($100/mo) – for singles, single parents, and 65+ households
  • Maskil (Senior Single) Level – $900 ($75/mo) 65+ single person
  • First Year Introductory Level – $550 – for new members, first year only
  • Fees for Sinai School will remain unchanged from last year.

You will note that we now have five dues levels and have increased the sustaining dues level to $1,800 (a multiple of 18, or "chai" in Hebrew, meaning "life"). For everyone at any level, if you are willing and able to pledge more, please do so! We count on your pledges to cover 75-80% of our operating budget, although in the past we have been significantly short of this amount – hence the budget deficits.

We know, of course, that not everyone can financially afford one of the dues levels listed above and no one will be denied membership because of that. However, we do need everyone to provide some financial support to Temple Sinai. If you cannot meet the pledge level suggested based upon your circumstances, you may contact me or JaNon Barber, Temple Sinai’s Treasurer, to discuss your financial situation and agree to an amount that will not create an undue financial hardship for you.

You will be receiving your membership renewal form in the mail (and via email) in the next few weeks. Please look into your heart when selecting your dues for next year, and thank you in advance for helping us make Temple Sinai financially sound and ensuring we continue to be the largest, most active and welcoming Synagogue in Northern Nevada for years to come.

Jay Goldberg
Financial Officer (CFO)


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