Jews and Race

A beginning consideration of contemporary issues of race, color, and diversity in a specific Jewish context.

What does a Jew look like? What do/should we know about Jews of color? Are we aware of our own racial biases and prejudices, and how can we align our behavior with our highest ideals of equality and inclusion?

To begin this conversation, Temple Sinai will offer a program of 3 one-hour Zoom presentations on Sunday afternoon March 7, 14, and 21 at 3:30 pm.

March 7: The Basics – What are the questions and data that can help us, as Jews, to more fully understand issues of race, color, and diversity? We will explore and explode the stereotype that equates issues of Jewish identity with White Ashkenazi identity.

March 14: Microaggressions – What are they, and how do we participate in them? What microaggressions might be common to the Jewish community, and what can we do about them? Training on how to be an active bystander will be a part of this session.

March 21: Listening to Our Own – Learn from the stories and perspectives of two Jews of Color who are members of our Sinai Reno community.

Presentations will include time for question-and-answer discussion. Additional resources will be provided to supplement our sessions. Contact Rabbi Myra,, or Jeff Gingold,, with any questions.

Register below for the presentations to receive the Zoom links.

Additional Resources

Here is the list of additional resources for you to review before each session begins.

General Program Info:

  1. Presenter Bios
  2. Supplemental Resources

Session 1 – The Basics:

  • (No resources. Check back before the session begins.)

Session 2 – Microaggressions:

  1. The Microaggressions Triangle Model
  2. Handouts for Learners

Session 3 – Listening to Our Own:

  • (No resources. Check back before the session begins.)

We will update this list as needed if more resources are provided in the days leading up to the start of each session. So check back often, and please review the resources before the start of the session!