Save the date: 10 am Sunday, May 15, 2022. Temple Sinai's Annual Congregational Meeting in person and via Zoom. Join the conversation! All members are encouraged to attend.

  • I hope to see you at Sinai’s Annual Congregational Meeting!

    Every year, our Temple President invites all the member families of Temple Sinai to gather for our Annual Congregational Meeting in the synagogue during the month of May or June. This year, our meeting will be Sunday, May 15 at 10:00 am. Please note that we will hold the meeting this year both in-person and virtually. Here is the process we will use for the meeting this year:

    • ALL Temple Sinai members and leadership may join the Annual Congregational Meeting either in the Temple sanctuary in person or virtually online via Zoom. In order to vote,  MEMBERS MUST either show up in person or register to join the meeting virtually. If meeting virtually, you MUST be logged in and “present” on Zoom to cast your vote.
    • Our non-member guests can view the meeting, if they wish, through the LIVE page of our website, through our Facebook page, or join us in person.
    • During the meeting, we will count the members present AND use Zoom to take a complete roll call to meet our quorum. The roll call will be checked against our membership list to verify voting eligibility.
    • When it comes time to vote on the Slate we will use the survey feature of Zoom as the ballot to record our member votes which will be tallied after the meeting is over.

    During the Congregational Meeting, the Board will give you the latest update on the financial condition of our synagogue, including a review of the year about to end, our current endeavors and challenges, and our ongoing goals. You will hear about the budget your Board has approved for the next fiscal year which starts July 1. I will also honor our “18+” Sinai volunteers, most of whom have dedicated much more than the Chai חי hours that we are recognizing.

    I will present the slate of nominees for the 5 open member-at-large positions for the upcoming July 2022 – June 2023 fiscal year. Your Board has endorsed a full slate of nominees for all elected positions on the Board. This new slate continues to support the diversity and range of experience of the Board. Each member family in good financial standing is given one vote. We want you to attend and exercise your vote. Everyone is invited to attend and participate in the meeting.

    No new by-law changes have been discussed this fiscal year.

    Below you will find the Agenda and the Slate for members at large. Temple Sinai members may submit additional items for the Agenda to the president – Michael Gorden, no later than May 10, 2022 in accordance with the provisions in our by-laws. Also, additional nominations to the Board of Trustees may be made by petition of five percent (5%) of the Membership Units in good financial standing, which is eight Members, with the petition being filed with the president, Michael Gorden, also no later than May 10, 2022. No nominations will be accepted at the meeting. If no other items or nominations have been received by the deadline, the Agenda that follows is final, and the Board-approved Slate stands alone.

    If you have any questions/concerns about the proposed by-law changes, board nominations, or any other thoughts prior to the meeting, please email them to and We look forward to seeing and speaking with all of you online soon! Remember, 10:00 am on Sunday, May 15.


    Michael E. Gorden, President
    Temple Sinai Board of Trustees