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Volunteers Wanted and Needed!

Your Temple Sinai Jewish Practice Committee (JPC) needs some additional volunteer members to join our vibrant and fun committee as we continue our journey.

Even though we have many items on our list of activities, the commitment is not great, but needed. Our monthly meeting is the last Wednesday of each month, at 6 pm and lasts for 1 – 1 ½ hours. The work is shared among us all. We don’t require extensive knowledge, just a desire to help.

Our committee leader is Marilyn Roberts, and she can be reached with any questions and/or comments you may have. Her contact information is as follows: cell # 775-530-7071; email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We work in partnership with our rabbis in areas of Jewish practice and worship, as well as communicating directly with our Temple Board of Trustees pertaining to any specific major topics.

A taste of our activities is as follows:

  • Review & update all ritual practices & community minhag (traditions), including but not limited to Shabbat and other holiday services, kashrut policy, and yahrzeit letters.
  • Assist our rabbis with holiday services including but not limited to: High Holy Day services, and congregant participation.
  • Ensure that ritual items are properly maintained and in good repair. Ritual items for the sanctuary include but are not limited to: prayer books, Torah scrolls, and all accouterments.
  • Work with our rabbis in the development and training of lay leaders to assist with life cycle events.
  • Annual review and updating of our committee's goals and priorities in order to present to the Board of Trustees by September of each year.
  • Identify and submit our committee budgetary requirements to the Board of Trustees by the end of April for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Communicate and coordinate with other Temple Sinai committees (as needed), such as with the strategic planning committee or the newly formed Rabbinic Advisory Committee (RAC).
  • Restricted ritual fund expenditures will be reviewed by the JPC before the Temple Board of Trustees takes any action.
  • Provide the Temple President along with all of the Board of Trustees a monthly committee report in writing before each monthly board meeting.

Thank you very much for your consideration in joining our Jewish Practice Committee. We are all truly blessed to have such a wonderful congregation.

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Your Temple Sinai Jewish Practice Committee

Temple Sinai Financial Update

As we are now in our new fiscal year (July 2018 – June 2019), I want to provide a financial recap of last year and share our budget for this year. Through the hard work of the Board of Trustees, our Committees and their Chairs, and the FACTS (Financial Advisory Council of Temple Sinai), we made great strides last year to begin securing our synagogue’s finances. We revised the dues structure to ensure that membership is affordable to our diverse membership yet will sustain us going forward, improved our monitoring and collection efforts to ensure that more of what is pledged is collected, and hired the Rabbis Zober to lead us religiously, spiritually, and yes, financially, into the future.

I am pleased to report that after three years of budget deficits (we spent more than we took in) totaling approximately $60,000, we had a surplus of $2,600 this past year. We ended the year with almost $140,000 in cash and investments, although about $60,000 of that resides in restricted funds, meaning that money can only be used for certain purposes. This is a tremendous turnaround and was only possible due to the generosity of those willing and able to make multi-year pledges to build an emergency fund and help support our annual budget, the congregation stepping up during our High Holy Day pledge campaign, and some donations made for specific programs (i.e., Shabbat Unplugged).

Although this is great news, we need to ensure that our membership continues to thrive and that everyone pays dues at or above their relevant dues level, or at least at a level that is financially affordable to them. We need to keep the momentum going so that we continue moving forward.

CLICK HERE to view our budget for this fiscal year. As you will see, including the projected philanthropy donations and increased revenue from dues, we are still projected to have a deficit of approximately $3,000. However, if last year is any indication, with everyone’s help and participation, I am certain we can exceed the budget and show a small surplus again this year.

There are a number of members who have not yet renewed this year and in order to achieve our goals, we need everyone’s involvement and support. If you haven’t renewed, please go to and continue your commitment to Temple Sinai, and let us know that you will help us achieve our goals.

On a personal note, I appreciate the almost universal encouragement and assistance I received after unexpectedly taking over as Temple Sinai’s Financial Officer last October. With your continued support, we can grow our membership and ensure that Temple Sinai has a surplus year after year, and will be here to serve the needs of the Reform Jewish Community in Northern Nevada for decades and generations to come.

Jay Goldberg
Financial Officer, Temple Sinai
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sinai Supports Eddy House

 On Friday afternoon, July 13, we delivered the Family Meal to the 60 youngsters and 10 staff of Eddy House, the Reno Drop-In Center for homeless youth. As the facility is closed on weekends, the Friday dinner may be the last real meal the kids get until they return the following Monday. We provided lots of fried chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, fresh salad, rolls and butter, fresh fruit, and drinks. In addition, we brought utensils, serving dishes, and take-home boxes. We also gave them five gift certificates that the facility awards to youngsters who have been especially helpful or successful that week.

When they saw how much we brought, one staff member said that Sinai might become the favorite meal sponsor of the year.

In this effort, we received financial support from about 30 members of our congregation, from a $3 gift from one of our kids – all he had to share – to substantial donations from visiting relatives here to celebrate B’nei Mitzvah. In addition, Jane contacted several local supermarkets and asked for their help. Whole Foods on South Virginia and Raley’s on Robb Drive stepped up and donated about half of the food, drinks, and utensils we needed. Please consider shopping there and thanking them for their wonderful generosity.

We plan to bring another Friday Family meal to Eddy House sometime in the future using the remaining funds we have, future contributions, and perhaps support from the same or other local markets.

THANKS TO OUR DONORS: Lynne Daus, Nancy Podewils, the Edmands Family, Jay and Amy Goldberg, the Kutz Family, Jane Townley and Jeff Gingold, Margaret Getz, Daniel Moss, Jacob Bainton, Lucas Gorelick, Gary and Judy Schumer, Moti Lavi, Heather and Tim Baird, Chris Stanton and Laura Ashkin, Mark Rosenberg, Lynn Robins,Judith Strasser, Tova McGilvray, Barton Barrow, Les Cohen, Carol Pevney, Talmud Class, Helene Spinner, Donovan / Louie Family, and Dave Levine.

Thank you all for participating and supporting this needed and wonderful work.

Jeff Gingold and Jane Townley

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