Jewish Practice

“Judaism is not a religion of individual souls but that of a people…. In Judaism it is not only the individual who confronts God; the people as a people is committed to living in such confrontation. As it lives as a people in the presence of God, so it turns to God in prayer as a people.”

~Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits

Jewish Practice encompasses all times, as individuals and as a community, that we practice the traditions of our people. As both our most important and most frequent holiday, Shabbat is the cornerstone of Jewish practice. Below you will find the complete schedule of Shabbat services at the Temple, as well as a Shabbat blessings guide for your practice at home. You will also find a link to the melodies of Shabbat prayers we most commonly sing at Temple Sinai. In addition to celebrating Shabbat as a community each week, we also live by the rhythm of the Jewish calendar that brings meaning and embodied Jewish values into every season of the year.

To learn more about the Jewish calendar of holidays, please click here.

We hope to welcome you to a Shabbat or holiday celebration at Temple Sinai very soon.

  • “More than the Jewish people have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jewish people.”

    ~Ahad HaAm

    Fridays at 7:30 pm livestreaming on our website, on Facebook, and on YouTube

    We are now holding Shabbat Services and other Sinai events via Facebook and YouTube Livestream. These livestreaming events appear on the LIVE page of our website (HTTP://, at the top of our feed on Facebook, and on our YouTube channel when we are live. (It takes 1 to 2 minutes after we start a live stream for the video to show up on this web page so be patient and, if necessary, refresh the page after a minute if you don’t see our live stream playing.)

    Ways to Watch

    1. On the Live Page of our Website
    2. On Facebook (with chat)
    3. On YouTube (with chat)

    Saturday morning services and are canceled until we resume normal operations in the building. 

    Here are some ways to follow along during services in the Reform Siddur, Mishkan T’filah, if you don’t have a copy of your own: 

    1. We have created a Virtual Siddur that we will customize each week for use during that week’s service only. Each Friday, you will be able to download the Custom Virtual Siddur for that week from this page and from the LIVE page of our website to view during the livestreaming broadcast of that week’s service

    2. If you have the tech-savvy, you can access a flipbook of the entire Mishkan T’filah for Shabbat from the CCAR.

    3. Purchase the ebook to download on your own device, it is currently only $4.99 on Amazon (click here).

    Yisma’zoom – Virtual Oneg

    Grab some challah and wine (or juice) and join us for Yism’zoom, a special Oneg time where we can gather and chat with one another directly with live video after service. If you don’t have challah and wine, feel free to join us anyway! CLICK HERE IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Kabbalat Shabbat Service, or use meeting ID 819 6303 8475 to enter the virtual Oneg Zoom room.

    In-Person Onegs

    Although suspended until after the outbreak has passed, if you would like to host an Oneg Shabbat for a Friday service to celebrate a special event in your life with the community when we resume meeting again, click the button below or call the Temple office at 747-5508.