Oneg Shabbat

Seven Good Reasons to Host

  1. Honor family or friends.
  2. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary.
  3. Mark a milestone.
  4. Memorialize a loved one or an event.
  5. Celebrate the joy of Shabbat.
  6. Create community at Temple Sinai.
  7. Because if you don’t, who will?

Seven Easy Ways to Host

  1. Co-host with another friend or family.
  2. Host a cookie potluck.
  3. Keep it simple; cake and coffee.
  4. Make it healthy; serve whole fruits.
  5. Ask everyone to contribute a nosh.
  6. Share homemade goods, nice & inexpensive.
  7. Pay someone to schlep for you.

Our Kashrut Policy

Pork and shellfish may not be served at Temple Sinai. No pepperoni pizza! Holidays may have special food requirements; contact the Temple Office for more information. Where possible, meat and dairy should be separated.

Please label ALL products containing nuts! Convenient reusable labels and supplies can be found in the Kitchen.

Read/download the guidelines for hosting an Oneg Shabbat.

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