Subscribe to Sinai’s Calendars

We have 9 Calendar Categories to which you may subscribe:

  1. Adult Events — Events for Adults like Adult Hebrew, Torah Study, or Crafter Schmooze
  2. Intergenerational Events — Events for both Adults and Youth, like Shabbat and other Holiday Services, Mitzvah Day, or Purim Spiels
  3. Youth Events — Events for our Youth and Youth Education programs, such as Sinai School
  4. Rental Use — A listing of all rentals of our facility
  5. Board & Committee Calendar — Events and general Sinai “business” tasks for use by our Board, Committees, and Temple Office (not displayed on our website master calendar page)
  6. Jewish Holidays — A listing of all Jewish Holidays observed at Temple Sinai
  7. URJ Torah Readings — The weekly Torah Parasha, provided by the URJ
  8. URJ Haftarah Readings — The weekly Haftara Parasha, provided by the URJ
  9. Hebrew Dates — A reference of all the Hebrew dates on the calendar

To subscribe to any one calendar, right-click a category above and copy its link (these are “iCal” calendar links). Go to your favorite calendar program (i.e. Google Calendar) and use that program’s iCal import feature to add the category to your calendar (usually by pasting the link you copied into a subscription or “add calendar” field). You may subscribe to as many of these calendars as you like.