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Being Jewish in the Time of Covid:

Reflections from Congregants of Temple Sinai Reno

  • Life as we knew it was normal.
  • Then life as we knew it changed.
  • What did change look like?

In 2020, the Temple Sinai Library Committee requested that Temple Sinai members submit their personal stories, memoirs, and poetry pertaining to Jewish life experiences while living through the COVID-19 pandemic. “Being Jewish in the Time of COVID” is a collection of these reflections.

Book Club: Beyond Words

Beyond Words: Temple Sinai's Library Committee Book Club. Email BeyondWords@sinaireno.org for information.Season Two of Beyond Words, the Temple Sinai Library Committee Book Club, lead by Lynda Goldman (facilitator) and Heidi Slater (coordinator), seeks to build a learning community by engaging participants in conversations that focus on fiction and non-fiction books that are Jewish themed and/or written by Jewish authors.

Meetings will be held via Zoom and registration is required prior to the introductory meeting. Participation is limited to fifteen attendees and is free for Temple Sinai members, committee members, staff, and faculty. Affiliated non-members are welcome with an $18.00 annual fee. All participants must be 18 or over. Participants will be responsible for obtaining their own books. If you are interested in joining, contact Heidi Slater at BeyondWords@SinaiReno.org.

Meeting Information

Questions? Email: BeyondWords@SinaiReno.org

Our Synagogue’s Main and Youth Libraries offer more than 2,600 titles and additional media

With more than 2,600 books, comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi, Temple Sinai’s libraries offer synagogue members a new place to gather and learn.

Thanks to the ongoing commitment and hard work of the Library Committee and the generosity of supporters, both the Main and Youth libraries feature reorganized and rejuvenated collections.

In the Main Library, visitors can find more than 2,000 books, including fiction, non-fiction, pictorial and reference volumes. The library also features a growing collection of digital media including DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Temple Sinai’s younger members can gather in the newly-created Youth Library, which includes more than 600 fiction, non-fiction, pictorial and reference books. The room also features a multi-media learning station, comfortable seating and educational toys.

Both libraries are open during normal Temple Sinai hours. All Temple Sinai members can check out books to take home with a simple, convenient barcode system.

If you would like to help the libraries continue to flourish volunteering on the library committee only requires a few hours of commitment each month and the results are measureless to the Temple Sinai community. CLICK HERE to message us and become a volunteer.

If you want to support reading, literacy and education consider giving an in-kind or monetary donation to the designated Library Fund. To donate an in-kind gift, CLICK HERE and message us to find out if your book or DVD donations meet the library criteria.

To make a donation to the Temple Sinai Library Fund, CLICK HERE. Be sure to choose “Library Fund” in the donation options. Or, you can email the synagogue office for more information.

Visit Amazon.com to view the Temple Sinai Library wishlists. Visit www.amazon.com to view the Temple Sinai Library Wish Lists where you can use your Amazon points or charge a purchase to donate preferred items for both the Youth and Main Libraries. If you’d like to see items added to the wish lists CLICK HERE and send us a message with any titles.

The Main Library

The Main Library

Read, study, or relax with a good book, along with free WiFi in the Main Library.
The Youth Library

The Youth Library

Sinai School students created the Youth Library art wall dedicated to “Tikkun Olam”.
Temple Sinai Youth Library, July 2016

Temple Sinai Youth Library, July 2016

The Youth Library offers books, educational toys, and even a multi-media center plus lots of fun, comfortable seating.

The Youth Library offers books, educational toys, and even a multi-media center plus lots of fun, comfortable seating.

2018-08-08 Temple Sinai meeting in the Library.

Main Temple Sinai Library, August 2018

The Main Library provides a perfect environment for classes and meetings.

The Main Library also provides a perfect environment for classes and meetings. Seen here is the Talmud Study Group.

nnlc book binTIKKUN OLAM: Help to repair our corner of the world by donating books and magazines to the Northern Nevada Literacy Council. All topics, ages and genres are welcome, as are hardcover and paperback books.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, August 28, 2016

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand openings of the Main and Youth Libraries held on August 28, 2016.

Front row left to right: Amelia Currier, Heidi Slater, Annie Flanzraich, Jill Flanzraich, Councilwoman Naomi Duerr, Talia Guzman, Maia Polovny, Temple Sinai President Marilyn Rappaport.

Second row left to right: Ellen Lessinger, Rabbi Ethan Bair.