Do Justice: Social Justice

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      1. Direct Service
        1. Zarours
        2. Eddy House Dinners
        3. Homeless Overflow Tent
      2. Tzedakah
      3. Advocacy and Interfaith Organizing (Combine Advocacy and Community Organizing)

“Reform Jews are committed to social justice. Even as Reform Jews embrace ritual, prayer, and ceremony more than ever, we continue to see social justice as the jewel in the Reform Jewish crown. Like the prophets, we never forget that God is concerned about the everyday and that the blights of society take precedence over the mysteries of heaven. A Reform synagogue that does not alleviate the anguish of the suffering is a contradiction in terms.”

~Rabbi Eric Yoffie, speech to the UAHC Executive Committee, February 1998

Social justice is a unifying mandate of Reform Judaism, central to who we are and what we do as a community at Temple Sinai in contributing to Tikkun Olam, repair of the world. There are four ways in which we engage in social justice. While each category of focus has a different scope and purpose, together, these four approaches contribute to the repair of society, locally, nationally, in Israel and around the world. To learn more about any of the topic below, get involved, or bring an issue to our attention, please contact the Chair of the Social Action Committee.

Do Justice: Social Justice