Sinai Committee Meetings

Meeting Monthly: Every Fourth Wednesday

Committees generally meet every fourth Wednesday at Temple Sinai.

Meeting from 6:00 – 7:00 pm

      • Caring Committee (Sod)
      • Library Committee (Library)
      • Membership Committee (Classroom: Peshat)
      • Sisterhood (Small Social Hall)
      • Building and Safety (Classroom: Remez)

Meeting from 7:00 – 8:30 pm

      • Jewish Practice Committee (Small Social Hall)
      • Social Action Committee (Library)

Meeting times and rooms can vary. Contact each committee chair for exact times and rooms for their meetings.

Please note: during the COVID-10 outbreak, all committee meetings at the synagogue have been suspended until after the crisis and we can gather together again. The committees may still be meeting online or in other safe ways to conduct their business. Again, please contact each committee chair for information about their meetings for now.

  • Email Committee ChairBuilding, Grounds, and Safety — Michael Gorden 

    Email Committee ChairCaring Committee — Harvey Katz 

    Email Committee ChairJewish Practice Committee — Laura Smith 

    Email Committee ChairLibrary Committee — Jill Flanzraich 

    Email Committee ChairMembership Committee — Jay Goldberg 

    Email Committee ChairSocial Action Committee — Jane Grossman 

    Email the Sisterhood Sinai Sisterhood — Sheila Sirkin