Photo Release Terms

Use of Children’s Pictures in our Temple Web Presence

1.    The following policy governs the posting of pictures of children on the Temple Sinai Web presence.

1.1    Pictures of children under the age of 18 showing any part of their face will not be posted on the Temple Sinai web presence without express written approval by a parent or legal guardian. Permission must be granted using the provided Temple Sinai form letter. All forms will be filed in the Temple Sinai Administrative Office.

1.2    The parent or legal guardian granting permission may withdraw that permission at any time in writing. Upon receiving such withdrawal, the picture will be removed as quickly as possible, but no later than the next business day.

1.3    Separate permission must be given for each child. Permission will be assumed to apply to all pictures of that child.

1.4    If permission is given by a parent or legal guardian to post the picture, under no circumstances will there be identification by the child’s / children’s name anywhere on the web presence.

1.5    Captions linked to any picture where a child’s / children’s face appears will not identify the child / children.

1.6    Bar/Bat mitzvah candidates have their names listed in our web presence only in relation to their bar/bat mitzvah service.

2.    This policy was approved by the Board of Trustees at its October 10, 2012 meeting.