(After all, I did grow up near Chicago . . .)

“This is like déjà vu all over again . . .”

This is my last Sentinel piece before once again retiring. I could tell you what a privilege it has again been to serve as Sinai’s rabbi. And I will. But, first, a few words of housekeeping.

As I re-retire, I’m actually commencing to begin to come into some recent century! Which is to say that I’m joining the list of @SinaiReno.org emails. You’ll see on the Temple website, and in forthcoming synagogue directories, that I can be reached at RabbiMyra@SinaiReno.org.

For those Sinai non-member friends who were waiting to see if any of the free genetic testing kits, from 23andme, would still be available . . . the answer appears to be “yes.” We’ve only ordered well-under half of our “freebie allocation.” So, if you’d like to participate in this, please email me between Monday, June 24 and Friday, June 28. After the twenty-eighth, I intend to close down our link to this offer. I am going to be retired, after all . . .

And I think that’s it for loose ends . . .

So now, back to what a privilege is has been to once again serve as your Rabbi. Temple Sinai is, has been, and – I trust – will continue to be an incredible blessing in my life. I hope that, as your rabbi, I’ve at least occasionally “returned the favor.”

But now I move on to far-off travels, late-night dancing, and who-knows-what-all-else. I’ll still be living in Reno, and you will see me at worship and perhaps elsewhere at Temple Sinai. But I won’t be your rabbi.

That will, of course, be my talented colleague Rabbi Ethan Bair! There is rightfully much excitement as Rabbi Bair’s rabbinic tenure here begins. We are all confident that he will shepherd Sinai into an exciting “next phase.” He will need your participation, ideas, and support. Be in sacred covenant with him, as you have been with me, and together you will surely all go from strength to strength!!

Your Rabbi for Just a Little Bit More,
Rabbi Myra Soifer