Temple Sinai is an inclusive Jewish community that encourages members to fulfill their unique purpose in the world. Temple Sinai is a community that learns, cares for one another, and promotes Jewish practice, culture, and tikkun olam (healing the world).

How do we build our community?  We do this by being inclusive and welcoming to everyone who steps inside our synagogue.  We do this by developing deep and meaningful relationships among the members of the congregation. We do this by providing opportunities for personal growth and leadership.

An excellent way to accomplish this is to have committees with specific roles, defined duties and important functions.  At our Temple the committees are empowered by the board to plan and act independently and organize support for programs, activities, and worship. Moreover the committee structure provides a training ground for future leadership. We welcome your involvement and appreciate your bringing your talents to one or more of our committees.

The Membership Committee would welcome your active participation. The committee meets monthly, usually around 6 p.m., so we often share a meal as part of our meeting.  We are empowered to welcome new members to Temple Sinai and serve as the essential first link to our congregation.  When we see a name on our visitor list or application form, or someone likes our facebook page, or has come to a movie or is new to the area, the membership committee is the resource for all things Temple Sinai. Our goal is to help people connect to one another and get involved in Temple life.  You will enjoy being part of the committee, meeting and welcoming new members, and serving the congregation through this mitzvah. To join us, send an email to membership@sinaireno.org.

Committee work is the invaluable foundation of synagogue life.  Your intangible gifts of time, energy, and talent will help Jewish life thrive in our community.

Thanks for being part of our Temple Sinai family,