In Temple Sinai’s Leadership Development Institute with twenty members of our congregation involved, Lynda Goldman and I have been engaging members in best practices for leadership. This class is dove-tailing very nicely with the Strategic Planning Committee that begins its work this month. The SPC will eventually be engaging all Temple Sinai members in focus groups that will help us build alignment in the congregation around our Vision and Mission, and provide us with needed data to meet the needs of both our current and potential future members. The first step of the strategic planning process will be disseminating a simple survey (in the two weeks before Passover) in which we will encourage every (B’nei Mitzvah and up aged) person of T.S. member households to participate. This will give us critical data as we move forward into structuring small group discussions. Please look for this survey in our next newsletter, and plan to complete it as part of your Passover preparation this year.

Speaking of Passover, I am thrilled and looking forward to our Temple Sinai Passover Seder at the Atlantis for the first night seder. We will be using a NEW haggadah called A Different Night. Yes, this means we will be using the haggadah for every part of the seder this year. Please sign up to join us. Despite snow on the ground, spring is very much in the air. And we look forward to our community coming together to celebrate our people’s story of liberation on April 22, as we also enter a more strategic period of community engagement in the life of our beloved Temple Sinai community.

Shabbat shalom,
Rabbi Bair