This month, we hosted an oneg to celebrate our incredible Temple Sinai volunteers who give their time and energy for our community. Our members create and work on presenting enjoyable programs, help with religious school and education, participate in social justice initiatives, reach out to those in need, and serve on our committees. Click here for a list of this year’s honorees.

At our annual meeting last weekend we elected our Board of Trustees for 2015 – 2016. Our officers are Marilyn Rappaport, President; John Louie, 1st Vice President; Caren Jenkins, 2nd Vice President, Howard Holden, Financial Officer; Rick Michaelson, Treasurer, and Ellen Lessinger, Secretary. The Members-at-Large are Mary Allstead, Nicole Appel, Michael Gorden, Paul Baker Prindle, and Adam Slamowitz.

Rabbi Ethan Bair will be continuing for two more years at Temple Sinai and we especially look forward to his efforts overseeing a variety of educational programs as well as Jewish practice. Our committees have been very active and we can all enjoy a host of programs, events, and activities throughout the year.

Enjoy summer at Temple Sinai!