– Anne Frank’s Diary

We have a shared vision of Temple Sinai as a sacred community that learns, cares for one another, and promotes Jewish practice, culture, and tikkun olam. This is the place where we come for inspirational service and thought-provoking study and meaningful personal relationships. This is where we come to teach our children and grandchildren the values that will guide their lives and where we come together in times of joy and sorrow. This is where we come to deepen our connection to a shared heritage.

Today, we are asking our members to make a personal commitment to help us meet our budget for the year. Our synagogue relies on each of us to sustain our community and enhance the way we experience Reform Judaism.

We have received less than expected from pledges and donations for this year and we are counting on your generosity to fulfill our mission. The Rabbi, our Youth Director, and our volunteers work to create opportunities for all of our membership. Whether you enjoy innovative programs, or taking a stand on important social issues, or sending our teens to regional retreats, we strive to make Temple Sinai a place for you and your family to realize your unique purpose in the world.

Please click here to make a donation to the General Fund now, in addition to your current financial pledge, to bridge the gap between what we have and what we need to provide the programs and services for our synagogue. This additional contribution before the calendar year ends will have tax benefits as well. Your participation in this appeal is critical to our congregation and our community at large.

Give and you shall receive, much more that you ever thought possible. Give and give again. Keep hoping, keep trying, keep giving! People who give will never be poor! – Anne Frank

Thank you,