It is with a great deal of gratitude that I write this message. It is clear that everyone in our community cares deeply about the future of Temple Sinai, and that we all are doing everything we can to help our synagogue prosper and progress. We have a new Board, new committee chairs and committee members, and new volunteers who I need to thank for stepping up and taking on new roles and new challenges. I could not do this job without all of them. I am very grateful as well to last year’s leadership — especially for the dedication of Past President Marilyn Rappaport. I need to add my personal thanks to the retiring leaders who Marilyn thanked in her last message: Nicole Appel, Ellen Lessinger, Pam Sloan, Nurit Stites, Doug Goodman and Rod Sloan.

I have also been lifted up by you, our loyal and caring members and friends. The big turnout at the congregational meeting was wonderful. I am grateful to all those who came to the front of the room and spoke. I heard great passion and concern for our Temple, and many ideas that we need to consider and test out. Please continue to express yourself by writing to me at

Another reason that I am grateful is the fantastic response to our appeal for membership renewal. Your annual pledges have been coming in very rapidly, and this is already lifting us toward better financial stability. Rabbi Bair and I have been speaking to members individually in our strategic philanthropy campaign. The response we have gotten is nothing short of amazing. All of our members count, no matter the size of your pledge. Rest assured, the Philanthropy committee will be speaking with each of you soon. I am very grateful to Rabbi Bair as well, for getting this effort going.

Thanks to Marilyn Roberts and the Jewish Practice committee, planning for our High Holy Day services is almost complete. It’s a little scary for me — there is not much time left for me to consider all the things I need to atone for, and start making apologies. I will look forward to seeing all of you there, if not sooner.