Sukkot is zman simchateinu, the season of our joy, following Yom Kippur! I hope to see many of you this Friday night for the Community Sukkot Shabbat service and harvest-themed pot-luck in the sukkah! We have a Family Day at 9:30 a.m. Sunday for all our families, whether enrolled in Sinai School or not! Join us for games, arts & crafts and learning about Sukkot. Then families can eat lunch in the sukkah together. Bring lunch for your family + one item to share on Sunday. (For a more intimate study about Kohelet, the Book of Ecclesiastes, join us this Saturday morning in the sukkah!)

It is the season to rejoice in community, with good food and friends and reflect on the blessings and impermanence of our lives. It is also a time to be especially welcoming. Invite a friend, and I hope to see you in the Temple Sinai sukkah!

Moadim l’simcha,
To a joyous festival!
Rabbi Bair