As we move into the new year, Jessica Younger and Yani Dickens proceed with the next phase of their journey. If you haven’t yet, please read Jessica and Yani’s updates. Jessica has begun her clinical trial of infusion, radiation, and chemo treatments in G-Force at UCSF. Jessica and Yani accept each moment and take each day as it comes. They support each other through it all, and we have an opportunity to make a difference.

You can help! To everyone who offered to bring over a meal or share some cheer with Jessica and Yani, San Francisco is too far to bring your tasty veggies, healthy proteins and thoughtful sentiments, and her treatment schedule is intense. While it may not be what you thought you’d give originally, please consider “sharing a meal” with them by donating toward their preferred meal service. It’s really simple: visit this site and share a contribution of what your meal would cost. If you’d make them your homemade soup, bread, and salad for dinner with a split of wine for Yani and some green juice for Jessica, consider donating that amount and leaving the comment “meal train.” They’ll taste the love you put into it through the fresh ingredients in the meal plan of their choice.

Thank you for considering this mitzvah. The whole Temple Sinai Reno Family sends support and wishes Jessica a rfuah sh’leimah, a complete healing of body, mind and spirit.

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