You have all heard the great news that Rabbis Benjamin and Sara Zober have signed a contract to share Temple Sinai’s rabbinic leadership position for the next three years. I want to share with you the tremendous enthusiasm for Sinai that they have expressed during the whole time we have been talking to them. As soon as they found out about us, we were their first choice. Sinai’s leadership shares that enthusiasm. As soon as we met the Zobers, they became our first choice. In a field of great candidates, they rose to the top. Our hardworking Rabbinic Search committee, who has my deepest thanks, voted unanimously to recommend the Rabbis Zober to Sinai’s Board of Trustees. Our Board, as well, voted unanimously to offer the position to the Zobers. The mutual enthusiasm continued right through the exploration of contract terms, and the signing of the contract. For the next three years at least, the Rabbis Zober will be leading us, and advancing Temple Sinai’s future, with great enthusiasm.

I know that many of us, despite our enthusiasm, are feeling more than a little worried about Temple Sinai’s financial position. It is a fact that our donations and membership commitments have not been enough to cover all our costs- even though our operating budget is very lean. (It would make for some pretty dry and stringy pastrami.) Your Sinai Board and committees are paying very close attention to fundraising and operating costs. One piece of good news- all of the costs for our rabbinic leadership by the Zobers next year will not amount to any more than Rabbi Bair’s leadership cost us this year! More good news- the philanthropy fund we established recently has attracted very generous donations and is growing. Over the next couple of months, you will be hearing about new dues policies and procedures from our Finance Committee. So please stay tuned.

All of us in Sinai’s leadership are very firm on one thing: no one will ever be excluded from Sinai because of an inability to pay. We don’t want membership in our synagogue to bankrupt anyone. If you value being a member of Sinai, and are willing to make a commitment appropriate to your means, you will be a full and valued Member!