A) Contrary to popular belief, the Temple Sinai Men’s Club is alive and well. Notions of our demise are at best premature. Our first breakfast of the season will be held Sunday, January 13, 2019, in the Temple Sinai Small Social Hall. A special breakfast will begin at 9:00 am so early arrival is recommended. RSVP must be made HERE.

The “borscht belt” is real and a part of the lives for those who grew up back East: George Albert Jessel, Eddie Cantor (Edward Israel Iskowitz), George Burns (Nathan Birnbaum), Jay Jayson (Jonas Levy), Freddie Roman (Fred Kirschenbaum) were real people. The Brown’s, Grossinger’s, the Concord, Kutshers, were real places. A distinguished academic will be the opening speaker on January 13 on the topic of Jewish Humor because Jerry Seinfeld was unavailable.

B) Our “Board” has instituted a one-time $15 dollar annual membership fee for the Men’s Club because of our shortened season. Membership entitles participants to a discounted Breakfast and voting rights. Payments can be made to either Temple Sinai [clearly marked as Men’s Club Membership] or directly to our Men’s Club treasurers.

C) Also, the Men’s Club donation of a working AED is now physically located in the kitchen clearly identified in its container. We pray no one will need to use it, but if so, we will provide free membership dues. Additional donations for this life-saving device may be made to the Men’s Club AED fund. Many thanks to those who have participated already.

Use of this device is designed for untrained individuals. A YouTube instructional video can be found HERE.

D) Our scheduled Breakfasts for 2019 will be January 13, February 10, March 10, April 14, May 5, and June 9.

Steve Myerson,** Outgoing President TS Men’s Club
Suzanne Silverman, Incoming President
Ken & Marilyn Roberts, Co-Treasurers
Steve Weidman, Secretary

** Returning as VP