You might have noticed that Sinai’s calendar seems a little light right now, with no holidays coming right up. A couple of Shabbats ago, Rabbi Benjamin helpfully reminded us that last week we entered the Hebrew calendar’s occasional Leap Month of Adar One. A whole Leap Month allows our calendar to synchronize with both the sun and the moon, maintaining our holidays in their right seasons. But the Adar holiday of Purim is put off until Adar Two, next month. I will use Adar One, still, to wish Gung Hay Fat Choy to all my friends and family who celebrate the Lunar New Year.

I need to thank two groups of dedicated Sinai volunteers! We are most grateful to Dave Levine for stepping forward to coordinate the Passover Seder Committee. Thanks to all of them, plans are on-track for our Community Seder at 6 pm on Friday night April 19th. You will see announcements on how to sign up very soon.

With our epochal winter snowfall this month in Reno (#Februburied), I also need to thank all those who have come out to Sinai to shovel snow. We are reluctant to cancel events, and with your help, we have been able to keep most of them going. Michael Gorden has arranged for professional clearings to handle the largest snow dumps. But communication and coordination are tricky early in the mornings. If you find that you are not getting all the email notices that you should be, please email Mike S. at