The Board of Trustees and I are very grateful this week to the far-sighted and generous Members who gave to Temple Sinai’s Emergency Fund. Replacing the 30-year-old heating and air-conditioning unit that failed last week will be costly. We are very lucky that these folks stepped up when we asked them, a couple of years ago. Thanks to you, we will soon get Rabbi Sara’s office, the Library, and two Religious School classrooms back in service to our Members. If you have not made a donation to Sinai’s Emergency Fund yet, please consider it. We must rebuild it. As well, I need to thank our Buildings, Grounds, and Security Chair Michael Gorden. Michael had to call eight different HVAC contractors before he could even get two to come out and make bids for the replacement.

April 15th has been much on my mind. I hope this tax season has not been too surprising for you, at least in a bad way. If Neva and I had not donated to Temple Sinai, we would have had a big bill to pay! I know dollars are dollars, but I for one find comfort in getting a small refund because I had donated enough. For our Members who are well past their careers, and well past the stage of launching their children, we hope you will consider adding a legacy gift for Sinai into your Will. When emergencies like the HVAC failure crop up, the generous legacy gifts Sinai has already received give your Board the assurance that we can get it fixed, and continue to serve our Members l’dor v’dor (from generation to generation).

I much look forward to seeing many of you at Sinai’s Community Seder. Many thanks go to Dave Levine, Joan Brickman, Saundra Goodman, Doug Goodman, Linda Duffié, Rick Michaelson, Mike Medvin, Amy Goldberg, and many others who made it possible.
I wish you and your family a very happy Passover!

John Louie, President