7:00 – 9:00 pm Monday, July 22
“Out of Action” by Joseph Epstein

Joe Epstein has been a favorite Story Club author since we read his work “JDate” in 2015. He has a droll and sage way of painting characters and creates inventive plot lines. A lot of Epstein stories have serious themes but he is also good with humorous circumstances. Epstein almost always uses Chicago as his venue and those of us who have spent time around that city get a kick from seeing a street, landmark or business reference we recognize. This month’s story starts with a reference to Lawrence Avenue; later the Albany Park neighborhood is cited; and then the eponymous Z. Frank Chevrolet dealership gets a plug [the name shortened from Zollie Frank, who claimed to have sold more Chevys than any other dealer in the world].

In “Out of Action” Epstein quickly introduces us to Eddie Rothman who has successfully stifled his gambling habit for three years by attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings. The cast of characters includes a guy “who personally stopped the Miami Heat’s 27-game winning streak” by betting on them. Another GA newcomer sold all his shabby furniture to raise $1,200 which he took to the track so he could surprise his wife with all-new furniture he’d buy with the winnings. You know how that ended. It’s often said life is a gamble, so maybe we should all be going to GA meetings like Eddie! What could go wrong?

Discussion Leader: Alan Liebman

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