Dear Friends,

A huge thank-you to all who participated in our very first live-streamed Shabbat service! It was great to see how many of you called in and sang and wished us a Shabbat shalom. This week, our services will again be at 7:30 pm, and since we can’t do Shabbat Unplugged together, we will make it a musical service. Come sing with us! Visit the LIVE page on our website here or Temple Sinai’s Facebook page here. Because of the governor’s request for non-essential businesses to close, we will be streaming them from our home this week. Join us from yours!

This week, Rabbi Sara and Rabbi Benjamin have been calling all Temple members to see how you’re doing. We are considering putting together some grocery deliveries for our most vulnerable members, so be sure to let us know when we talk about whether you are interested in either volunteering to deliver groceries or whether you’d like to have groceries delivered to you. We also have some pretty tech-savvy members in our congregation, so if you need help learning how to get to our live feed or staying in touch with us, we can match you up with a tech guru. If you need something to do in these times of distance, we are encouraging everyone to go through their Temple directories and call up friends. Swap recipes, drop things off at each other’s front doors, and check in on one another. We are a community and we take care of one another; social distancing doesn’t change that!

While we will not be holding our Community Passover Seder at the Atlantis Casino, we are still planning on holding a community seder! Using the virtual world just like Shabbat Services, we are hoping to bring all four cups of wine, four questions, all four children, 3 matzot, 1 kid (which my father bought for 2 zuzim), and much, much more to you, live from our dining room. We are still working out details and logistics, but have a lot of great ideas about how we can all celebrate together. We will be contacting you soon about supplies and materials you can use to eat, pray, and sing alongside us, so stay tuned!

As always, you can contact us and stay in touch through email, our website, on Facebook, and on Instagram. While we are at home, please call or text us on our Google Voice numbers instead of calling the office.

Mike Stombaugh, Temple Administrator – 775-453-4870
Michael Gorden, President – 775-453-6880
Rabbi Benjamin Zober – 775-629-6011
Rabbi Sara Zober – 775-629-6159

Rabbi Sara Zober
Rabbi Benjamin Zober
Mike Stombaugh, Temple Administrator