Last month, at our Annual Meeting we voted on a slate of nominations for Temple Board Members at Large. I am happy to share the results with you. For this next fiscal year, I want to welcome back: Tova McGilvray, Sarah Friedman, Jeremy Gelman, Evangelyna Thurman-Silva, and I would like to welcome the newest elected member: Dave Levine. I also want to share a thank you, from me and the entire congregation to Lynda Goldman for her service on our Board and all of the insight and knowledge that she brought us during her tenure on the Board.

There are many challenges that await this new group of dedicated members. I know that they are eager to help guide us over the next year, and cannot wait to work with them. A congregation is as strong as its members, and based even on this small group, I know that we are blessed with tremendous koach (strength).


Michael Gorden