Dear Friends:

On certain holidays, we add special prayers of thanks into our liturgy. These “hoda’ah inserts” are part of Sukkot and Simchat Torah, Purim, and Chanukah, among other times. Somehow, considering how many thanks we have, perhaps we need a post-virtual-HHD hoda’ah insert. Maybe: “Thank you, everyone, who participated, contributed, logged in, offered words of encouragement or gratitude, showed patience, understanding, and everyone who managed to find some meaning and holiness.” It does not exactly roll off the tongue, but assuredly, it sounds better in Hebrew.

We cannot offer enough thanks, for all that this community has done. It is an absolute pleasure and blessing to be a part of a congregation as loving and kind as Temple Sinai. We hope that at some point over High Holy Days, everyone found some time to connect, reflect, and look hopefully towards the future. Hopefully, we will never have a High Holy Day season quite like this, and also hopefully, the elements that did resonate will become part of our practice in future years.

While we would have preferred gathering together in the social hall, hearing the songs, aliyot, and readings bounce off of the walls, knowing that our words and prayers reached ears even beyond the walls, meant a great deal to us. Were it not for the wonders of technology, the generosity of donors, and the incredible efforts of everyone who helped, our words would not have gone anywhere near as far. And for that, we are also incredibly thankful.

Rabbi Benjamin Zober and Rabbi Sara Zober