I am still in awe at the accomplishments that we, as a Jewish Community, have demonstrated — especially during the nonstop pandemic. When they say it takes a community… it’s absolutely true. The hard work and dedication have proven that nothing that can keep us down, not even a pandemic.

We were very successful in streaming the High Holy Days and bringing our community together, even from afar. Our wonderful rabbis, with the continued support of the board, still offer our regularly scheduled programming from their home. Russell Slamowitz, in front of a small crowd, did an outstanding job on his Bar Mitzvah, which we live-streamed to everyone so that his Sinai family could also partake in his big day. Special thanks go to the Slamowitz family, Dave Levine, Tova McGilvray, Atty Garfinkle-Berry, Mike Medvin, and Rabbi Sara for doing their best to keep everyone Healthy and Safe during the event. In case you missed it, you can watch the Bar Mitzvah Service on our YouTube channel HERE.

The amazing support for our annual HHD donation drive brought in $20,000 dollars. This is so phenomenal! There is so much still going on in our Temple and this support is needed, along with our ongoing membership dues. Your Temple Sinai Board members understand the value of hard work and dedication and could not be more proud to serve our congregation.

Last, but not least… after 2 years of dedication, Temple Sinai has been given the official word that we have received a Federal Non-Profit Security Grant in the amount of $100,000. I will be putting together a committee to ensure we are following all the policies and procedures this grant requires. This will have a huge impact on us and will help us to accomplish all of our security needs. This is a matching grant, meaning that we are expected to match 25-30% in Temple funds. These funds will go towards items that are secondary expenses that we will incur that are not covered by the specifics of the grant. We welcome any donations towards these expenses. This is a 3-year grant and we look forward to seeing the results of the hard work that this enables us to accomplish.

Still, I know the question remains: “when will we open up?” The board has worked hard forming the guidelines that we need in our community during the pandemic. We were really looking forward to coming together a little more. However, we all know that the number of positive cases in our area is currently out of control and Governor Sisolak has asked us to all remain home over the next few weeks. Please know that your health and safety is our highest priority at this time. Keep your families and yourself safe and healthy; please wear your masks, and remember to maintain social distancing.