What does Calendar year 2021 look like for us? I am extremely hopeful that we will be able to start gathering in-person again, in coordination with the distribution of vaccines. In the meantime, I want to recognize all of our ongoing committees, which continue to work hard to meet all of Temple Sinai’s needs. Our synagogue has a Caring Committee, a Jewish Practice Committee, a Building, Grounds and Security Committee, a Membership Committee, a Social Action Committee, and a Library Committee. These committees, and their members, are very committed to our continued success in every way possible and have remained that way throughout this pandemic. New members are always welcome, and with the added stress of serving on a committee during a pandemic, joining now will help our veteran committee members fight off burnout and fatigue. If you can help out, please do.

We will be holding our Semi-Annual Congregational Forum on Sunday, January 31, 2021, at 1:30 pm. At this meeting, we will provide you updates on all that is going on at Temple Sinai. We will also present some legislation for a vote, in regards to Temple membership. More information about that will be going out soon.

And right now, we are half-way through our fiscal year. So, this is the time when we start working on Board Positions. This year, all positions on the Board are up for a vote. I have asked John Louie to chair the nominating committee, so if you are interested in any positions, please let John know. The Board is vital to maintaining our congregation, and we hope that you will consider joining.