I am a true believer in the miracles that collaboration can bring to one’s life. I would not have accomplished what I have done thus far with the many different projects at Temple Sinai without the teams of volunteer board and committee members. Yes, even if you have not had the time or ability to commit to the Board or to a committee, there are plenty of one-time events and more projects to come. Your Temple Sinai Board has recently made a pledge to collaborate with Jewish Nevada in making Northern Nevada a prominent member in the federation. We need the assistance of the federation in the North and I believe we have a lot to offer to the Jewish community as a whole.

The first long-term endeavor we have committed to is the “Life and Legacy” project. I know of several members who are leaving endowments to Temple Sinai, and we are very grateful for their thoughtful generosity. This project gives your Board the ability to work with those who wish to participate in “Life and Legacy” and provides a single place to document our future sustainability and ideas for long-term planning. More information coming soon about the “Life and Legacy” project so stay tuned! The second opportunity we are taking advantage of is that we are applying for a few grants through the federation to help with some of the upcoming projects that we have planned – especially as we take the next steps in the near future to meet together again within the doors of our beloved Temple.

I have asked two of our board members to take on the challenge of leading our “Re-opening Our Door’s Task Force.” This task force will be looking at all of the logistical needs for both Temple Sinai and our members so that we can come back together again in the safest way possible. Our target date for returning to in-person Shabbat Services has been set for June 25, 2021. We do have several B’nei Mitzvah events prior to this target date. Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet the needs of in-person Shabbat services or events prior to this date. Please understand… we are collaborating on these details as much as possible to get all of us back together in person!

One last thing to note: within the next very short two weeks, we will celebrate Pesach together in each of our homes with the Rabbis. Please RSVP now if you wish to join us. So that it can be more interactive, we are holding this Year’s Seder via Zoom but we need EVERYONE to RSVP for the link. Sign up at SinaiReno.org/Passover or click the promo on our home page at SinaiReno.org.