Dear friends,

As you may have heard, I was in a bike accident on Thursday (11/04/21). I am not entirely sure what happened, but I crashed and ended up at Renown Hospital. I was wearing a helmet, which saved my life and lessened my injuries. After one night under observation, I was given the OK and released.

I am now recuperating at home and in Rabbi Sara’s very capable hands. Already the outpouring of support and prayer has been tremendous. Right now, most of my injuries are physical and I am heeding doctor’s (and rabbi’s) orders to rest.

This week happens to be my bar mitzvah Torah portion. In it, Jacob takes a stone and uses it as a pillow. I cannot help but think of this unlikely arrangement. According to Rashi, the stone was not literally his pillow, rather he arranged a pile of stones to protect himself from evil spirits. It was not stone that protected me, but a helmet. When Jacob awoke, he realized that he was at the gateway to heaven and that God was present. When I awoke, it soon dawned on me how fortunate I was, and that it could have been much worse. I am incredibly thankful for God’s protection, for the doctors, nurses, and the people who stopped to save me, for the science that enabled it all to happen, and for everyone whose prayers, support, and kindness help me in my recovery.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and everyone who had offered to help.

Rabbi Benjamin