Dear Friends,

Happy New (Secular) Year! We are thrilled to announce that we are bringing Temple Sinai into the 21st Century with gusto this spring. We are building on the success of a few of our fall initiatives, namely:

  1. Our Temple Sinai Members App – Install it on your phone, tablet, or computer desktop and have all the important links at your fingertips. You can check the calendar, send a name in for the MiShebeirach list, or call the office with a single click. Exclusively for members, please. Click here to download the app.
  2. Discord – Discord is a place where Temple Sinai folks can chat via text or video with one another. It’s our private hangout space on the internet, and exclusive to our community members. With both a mobile and desktop version, you’ll be able to stay connected to one another even when you’re not in the building. Swap recipes, ask questions, or just chat with your friends. The link to Temple Sinai’s Discord Server is in our app. Just click the “Chat with Sinai Friends” link in the app to join our Discord and chat with folks from Sinai!
  3. Sinai Library On-Line Public Access CatalogClick here to search our entire library collection from anywhere. Sinai members can log in, save books to their list, view their library accounts, and then visit the library in person to check out the books they found in the catalog.
  4. Sinai Library Self-Serve Book Kiosk – Our Library now has a new VERY simple, yet full-featured self-service kiosk that makes it easy to search our catalog, check out books, and return them when you’re done. The new system is quick, reliable, and very easy to use. Just turn on the library computer to begin!
  5. Streaming – We continue to upgrade our streaming so that no matter where you are, you can join us for services and other events.

Under Construction graphicFrom January through June (and likely beyond), we will be working hard on Phase 2, which is our Back End Upgrade. For many years, we have used a program called Rakefet as both our financial and member management software. This spring, we will be moving to new programs. These will help us streamline the administration of the synagogue and add many modern capabilities in order to better serve the community.

  1. QuickBooks Migration – We have already begun migrating all of our financial transactions to QuickBooks Online for Non-Profits. This not only provides many new capabilities but will also help us to come more in line with newer accounting practices for houses of worship.
  2. EasyShul Migration – This is a truly robust new synagogue management system, built for modern synagogues, that will completely transform how we engage with our community.

We have additional plans to further restructure our communications and our update our website soon. Please be patient with us as we put these exciting changes in place and stay tuned for even more news as we work hard to serve our community in every way that we can.