I recently learned about a really magnificent local tzedakah effort. 100+ Women Who Care in Washoe County is a group of local women, from all walks of life and different financial backgrounds, who care about our community. Their mission is to make a difference in our community through collective giving. Involvement in this group includes a commitment to four one-hour meetings, of less than an hour long, per year and a $100 pledge per meeting, for an annual total of $400. This financial pledge can also be met by 2-4 members, joining together as team. And, yes, men can be a part of this effort too. (I checked . . .!)

Members present worthy non-profits, for funding, at each of the quarterly meetings. The group then decides, by vote, on that quarter’s recipient. All recipient groups will be 501(c)(3)s whose work serves our local area.

With 100 members, the quarterly contribution of this giving collective would be $10,000 – a wonderful sum to further the work of local non-profits. As the group is just beginning, there are now just 20 women who have committed to membership. My membership form has just been sent in. As the word gets out, the hope is that the numbers will grow easily to this 100+ goal and that this goal will be met by no later than the end of the year.

For a longer history of this idea/organization (which originated in 2006 with Karen Dunigan in Jackson, Michigan), for fuller details of its process and structure, for a list of upcoming meetings (the next one is May 9 at 7:00pm at the Tamarack Junction Meeting Rooms), and to download a membership form, go to www.100pluswomenwhocarewashoecounty.com.

“Great is tzedakah, for since the day that the world was created until this day the world stands upon tzedakah”
– Midrash Tanna d’Vei Eliyahu Zutta 1.

Here’s one more way to keep our world standing firm!

~ Rabbi Myra Soifer