How do we define strategic planning?  The planning process is the framework within which policies are formed, budget and fundraising goals are set and membership needs are projected.  We will look at who we are as a Congregation and how we are to fulfill our unique purpose in the world.  We will focus on the kinds of programs and services the Temple will provide in the future.  It is vital to managing our growth while remaining true to our defined mission of learning, Jewish culture and practice and caring for one another and the world.

The Strategic Planning Committee has been reactivated to assist the Board in defining our direction and making decisions on how to pursue this strategy.  Their task is to determine the needs and interests of our membership over the next few years and provide recommendations on how best to satisfy these requirements.

The process begins for us now with the assessment of the wishes and interests of our congregation. The information you provide will help direct synagogue programming, staff, governance and finance.  Over the next year, our committee members will gather information through surveys, small group conversations, committee meetings and individual discussions.  The next step will be to evaluate the information they have gathered and articulate a plan with recommendations for the Board of Trustees.  Our objective is to identify and develop or enhance programs that are responsive to the requests of all member age groups.  We hope to continue to cultivate an atmosphere of warmth, friendliness and inclusion while providing a range of programs and services for our congregation.  We see the strategic plan as a dynamic one that will be reviewed periodically and adjusted as the challenges and opportunities of our spiritual community change.

It is vital to our success that as many members as possible express their views and we offer a number of opportunities for congregants to gather.  It is important to have broad participation ensuring that all of our members have a chance to be part of the planning process.  We want to know what you like about our community and what you think we are doing well.  We also want to hear about what more you want from the Temple, what improvements or additions are of interest to you and your family. Moreover we will examine our role within the greater Reno community and consider what role we would like to have going forward.

We strive for an honest assessment of our present, a hopeful vision of our future and an outline of practical steps to move forward. We welcome your participation in the planning process and in evaluating the effectiveness of our actions.  The Board of Trustees of Temple Sinai is committed to focusing our efforts, energy and resources on what matters most to our community.

Exciting times for Temple Sinai…


“Plans laid in council will succeed…” Proverbs 20:18