Tikkun olam is one of the pillars of our faith and our synagogue and is often associated with a specific category of mitzvot involving work for the improvement of society. It may also refer to gemulit hasadim or acts of kindness. For many, it may be as important to act within our Temple Sinai community as it is to promote healing of the greater Reno community or beyond. Here are two suggestions for serving our congregation.

One is the Ambassador Program, an initiative of the Membership Committee. Ambassadors are paired appropriately with new members to welcome them to our synagogue and introduce them to our Shabbat services or an interesting event or program at Sinai. The goal is to help people connect to one another and to get our new members actively involved in Temple life. If you would enjoy meeting new members, and serving the congregation through this mitzvah, send an email to membership@sinaireno.org .

Another way to serve our Temple is to become part of the Caring Committee. The mission of the Caring Committee is to acknowledge and support congregants in times of joy or sadness. Their activities include participating in services at community facilities, calling members to recognize birthdays or anniversaries, and making chicken soup to bring when visiting friends who are ill. If you would like to participate in the good deeds of the committee, please contact the chair at harveyk1@sbcglobal.net .

Your gifts of time and acts of kindness within our community strengthen and uplift us all.