Strategic Philanthropy is a sub-committee of the Financial Advisory Council of Temple Sinai (FACTS) – a group that advises the Finance Committee. It was created to foster a culture of philanthropy to help support our current operating costs and allow us to realize our goals of expanding educational programs for children and adults, supporting our professional staff, and ensuring that needed maintenance of our facility and grounds is adequately funded.

It has become the norm across the nation that Congregational budgets cannot be supported by membership pledges alone. This is too significant to gloss over.  Congregations have fixed expenses as well as goals for improvement and growth.  For a Congregation to remain a vibrant community resource, both fixed and aspirational expenses need to be supported. Philanthropic support is required to make this happen, even at the wealthiest Synagogues.

When we moved to Reno 10 years ago, we were thrilled to find a vibrant Reform congregation. We take for granted that if we or our children move to a new community, there will be a Jewish center to which we can connect. Maintaining that Jewish infrastructure takes continued commitment from members – not just to fund current needs, but to ensure the permanence of the synagogue.

This week we found out that our application to participate in the Life and Legacy Training Program of Jewish Nevada and the Henry Grinspoon Foundation was accepted. This four-year program will allow us to expand the giving opportunities to Temple Sinai to include creating individual and family legacy funds. Through your generosity, we will ensure that Temple Sinai will be here for many generations to come.

I look forward to reporting on the committee’s progress soon.

Evan Klass for the
Strategic Philanthropy Sub-committee, FACTS