Reno Jewish Story Club Meeting
Monday, March 26, 2018, 7 – 9:00 p.m.

“Cheesus Christ” and “Pick a Color” by Etgar Keret

If you search the internet for Israeli authors our contemporary, Etgar Keret, pops up time and again. He’s everywhere, working in print, film and television. Our first Reno Story Club exposure to Keret was 13 months ago when we read three very brief works. This time two stories suffice. As the first title above suggests, readers have to be prepared for irreverence and prepared to tolerate some profanity in Keret’s work product… it’s the deal readers make with many modern authors, perhaps a reflection of our increasingly coarse mass culture.

In “Cheesus Christ,” the author examines the inter-connectedness of events in our lives, of actions in the world. The story’s first line is an excellent hook … “Have you ever wondered what word is most frequently uttered by people about to die a violent death?”

In “Pick a Color,” Keret gives his answer to the timeless question, why do bad things happen to good people? His answer has parallels to the one we find in the Book of Job but Keret presents his conclusion with modern themes. It takes a confident author to tackle such a fraught, well-trod subject … in less than four pages! You’ll decide if Keret succeeds.

Discussion Leader: Alan Liebman

Host: This month’s meeting will be at the home of Nancy and Jonathan Morse in northwest Reno’s Sommersett.

RSVP Required: To reserve your seat(s), receive a PDF copy of this month’s story and travel directions, please e-mail your name(s) to before sundown, Friday, March 23rd.

For this meeting the Club can accommodate 25 attendees, but please remember your reservation is a pledge to attend this Reno Jewish Story Club meeting. Serial no-shows shall be banished to Winnemucca. Social time after the discussion. Refreshments served.

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