On Friday afternoon, July 13, we delivered the Family Meal to the 60 youngsters and 10 staff of Eddy House, the Reno Drop-In Center for homeless youth. As the facility is closed on weekends, the Friday dinner may be the last real meal the kids get until they return the following Monday. We provided lots of fried chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, fresh salad, rolls and butter, fresh fruit, and drinks. In addition, we brought utensils, serving dishes, and take-home boxes. We also gave them five gift certificates that the facility awards to youngsters who have been especially helpful or successful that week.

When they saw how much we brought, one staff member said that Sinai might become the favorite meal sponsor of the year.

In this effort, we received financial support from about 30 members of our congregation, from a $3 gift from one of our kids – all he had to share – to substantial donations from visiting relatives here to celebrate B’nei Mitzvah. In addition, Jane contacted several local supermarkets and asked for their help. Whole Foods on South Virginia and Raley’s on Robb Drive stepped up and donated about half of the food, drinks, and utensils we needed. Please consider shopping there and thanking them for their wonderful generosity.

We plan to bring another Friday Family meal to Eddy House sometime in the future using the remaining funds we have, future contributions, and perhaps support from the same or other local markets.

THANKS TO OUR DONORS: Lynne Daus, Nancy Podewils, the Edmands Family, Jay and Amy Goldberg, the Kutz Family, Jane Townley and Jeff Gingold, Margaret Getz, Daniel Moss, Jacob Bainton, Lucas Gorelick, Gary and Judy Schumer, Moti Lavi, Heather and Tim Baird, Chris Stanton and Laura Ashkin, Mark Rosenberg, Lynn Robins,Judith Strasser, Tova McGilvray, Barton Barrow, Les Cohen, Carol Pevney, Talmud Class, Helene Spinner, Donovan / Louie Family, and Dave Levine.

Thank you all for participating and supporting this needed and wonderful work.

Jeff Gingold and Jane Townley