Over the past 2 years, Sinai members have been extraordinarily generous in reaching outside our congregation to help those in need. We have supported our refugee Syrian family, staffed overnight shifts at the homeless shelter overflow tent, given money to children for food, clothing and supplies by donating to Project 150, cleaned the North West Park through Adopt-A-Spot and given funds so we can provide the Friday meal to the homeless youth at the Eddy House.

But, we know there are members of our own Sinai congregation who, from time to time, could certainly use assistance. Sometimes it is money for groceries, gasoline, or children’s clothing. Some folks need money for their children’s tuition to Sinai School or Jewish summer camp. Other times, it is assistance with transportation to services. And sometimes it is companionship or help being alone at home. How do these people make their needs known and how does the congregation respond? Do you know what to do in these circumstances or what to tell others? And how can folks be sure their needs will be kept confidential and their privacy respected? Briefly, let’s review the options.

For Help:

The best way to ask for assistance is to contact one of the Rabbis and speak with him or her privately or by phone. They are trained and honored to deal with these situations in the most confidential and respectful way. They will discuss and review any request and attempt to help provide assistance. For transportation requests, a call can be made to the Chair of the Caring Committee, Harvey Katz. He will almost always find volunteers to help.

To Offer Help:

The Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund is designed and functions to allow the Rabbi to discretely provide support where needed. For instance, Rabbi Bair used this fund to give families needed money for groceries and/or gasoline. He also has supplemented tuition to allow some of our children to attend Newman Summer Camp. On several occasions, when he contacted the camp about a particular youngster, his contribution was matched by funds the camp was able to provide. Members and others can give to the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund as an unrestricted gift. Or, you can earmark it specifically for food for a family in need or for summer camp tuition.

If members have time and interest in driving people to and from services, or visiting people in their home for companionship or at the hospital or nursing home for support, or tutoring Sinai School children, please contact the Caring Committee to learn about available opportunities.

Throughout the year, we will remind people how to ask for help and how to provide assistance to our members. This is certainly part of our Tikkun Olam commitment.

Shalom and Thank You.