I ask myself every day, “When is this wave of antisemitism going to end?” I know that it is a question being asked throughout our Temple Sinai family. We have seen so many horrible actions taken against all Jewish people near and far.  So what do we as a community and how can you help? There are several items and activities that might interest you.  

Some activities involve the greater community. On February 10, 2020, from 6-8 PM, Temple Sinai will host a community program on antisemitism, sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of Nevada.  More information will be forthcoming and expect to hear this out in the community as ADL will be starting their campaign in our area soon. Additionally, our Rabbis are consistently involved in many different aspects of the interfaith community in Northern Nevada and strengthening our love for those across all faiths

Here at Sinai, we are also engaged. The Temple Sinai board along with the Buildings, Grounds, and Security Committee have taken a number of steps over the past two years to increase security measures in our facility. We are currently receiving quotes to continue in our goals of upgrading outside doors and adding more security cameras.  Additionally, the Temple Sinai board has adopted the URJ Resolution on Anti-Semitism, which seeks to address and identify antisemitism in hopes of combatting it and keeping us safe. Finally, the 6-7th Grade class in Sinai School has been studying the Holocaust this school session, gaining valuable insights about history, that are relevant today.

Although we have made progress, we still need everyone’s help in continuing to battle antisemitism.    One thing that we need is to have open communication with all of our members who have concealed carry permits (CCW’s). This information will remain confidential with the Rabbis’ and President only, but knowing who you are is extremely important to keeping you and all of the congregation safe. Another issue that the board discussed was the need to be forward-facing – in other words, we are not going to hide as a community. We continue to be proud of who are and this is how we will continue to battle hate. Finally, there will be information forthcoming regarding new security measures that will be implemented for the safety of all inside the building.

One final note: please spread the word to all our Temple Sinai members, we will have our Semi-Annual congregational forum on January 26, 2020, at 10:15 AM in the Sanctuary.  There will be information on the State of Temple Sinai along with completed projects, future projects including security measures, ongoing education (all ages), and any other items you would like to discuss as members.