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Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Bereishit (Genesis)

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Saturday, July a24, 2020
Starting at Genesis 6:11

We’re now in our second parsha, Parsha Noach! I think we’re benefiting a lot from our close, word-for-word reading of the text of the Torah–not to mention having the presence in our group of three rabbis! Last week we discussed many topics including how to translate chamas (corruption, robbery, lawlessness, etc.), whether animals, as well as humans, were corrupted, the severity and possible injustice of putting an end to all flesh, the meaning of hinei (here, behold), the structure of the ark (teiva) with compartments, three decks, a light or window, that an ark is protective and not meant for long-distance traveling, that the word for the basket in which Moses was saved also is teiva, various representations of Noah’s ark, and more.

Noah (Nathan Hilu)
Pidyan ha Ben (Nathan Hilu)

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