Torah Study Date

Saturday, August 7, 2020

Verses Covered

Bereishit (Genesis) 6:12 -7:15

Next Session

Saturday, August 14, 2020
Starting at Genesis 7:16

Last week we discussed whether length of years meant extent of wisdom, that the men are listed first, whether mipnei means because of, from before, or because of their fear of the waters of the flood (perhaps all of these), the way the flood came about, namely, both from above (the floodgates of the sky) and from below (the fountains of the great deep), that there was a rupture of the deep, that the rupture suggests a new beginning, the connection of the deep (tehom) to the Babylonian goddess of the deep (Tiamat), that the implication is that our God created and is better than all the other gods in the region, that it’s too bad that there was not a more female contribution to the text so the reader knew how all the daily details were worked out–and more.

Noah Blesses the Animals (Jacob Steinhardt)
Noah and the Dove (Jacob Steinhardt)

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