At the start of the pandemic, I was optimistic that this would be here and gone in just a few weeks. It was exciting to be at home more with the family at first and was nice to get a lot done around the house. As some of you know, besides my position here at Temple Sinai, I also serve in an important leadership position with the State of Nevada and manage a large staff. As the leader, here and at work, my number one job is to keep everything together (be positive) no matter what. So now, several months in, I have more than lost my optimism or my ability to create that for all that are under my leadership. I am not sure what I feel: crazy, gloomy, defeated, cynical, hopeless, isolated, etc. The list could go on and on.

The truth is, the pandemic is not something we can control or solve. Our life and the goals we have for ourselves and our families are not different. It is just the way we go about that will be different. I am happy to say – as soul searching continues, the added value of “God” and my faith in Judaism, have and will continue to help me. As we approach the High Holy Days, there is no better time for us to consider how we go about reaching those goals. I am looking forward to Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur with my family. Just as we are going about our goals in a different way, our High Holy Day presentation will be different, too, but equally as important. Even with the life struggles at this time, Temple Sinai remains very important to me and my family. I hope it is the same for you. If there is anything you need, please remember we, your Temple Sinai Family, are here for you through good times and through tough times.


Michael Gorden