There are definitely many overwhelming thoughts and ideas — covering a broad perspective, and from all our members — on whether to open Temple Sinai for regular services and events, continue to stay closed, or ease into a phased approach toward opening as our great State of Nevada is doing. Even if we were to open our doors immediately as some have proposed, are we prepared and ready to handle all the different guidelines that have been set forth? The answer at this moment is NO, we are not ready and YES, most likely we will try to phase in our normal operations.

Although, I would like to say that this is going to happen overnight; it is just not possible. As you, hopefully, read yesterday in a separate email, we have posted a multi-level plan for reopening. This is a middle-of-the-road phased-in plan, which we anticipate will help us not rush into anything too soon and keep our members, rabbis, and staff safe. As I mentioned above, there are differing opinions on this and we know it is difficult to meet everyone’s expectations, but we are doing our best to listen to our members and keep all of us safe.

Please continue to be safe out there and wear your masks! It does help mitigate the spread.


Michael Gorden