Dear Friends,

We are so thrilled to be seeing so many of our elders getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Each one gets us closer to getting back in our building safely and we miss seeing all of you regularly. If you are 70+ and need help getting signed up for all the different COVID vaccine sites, please reach out to us. At this time, these are all of the resources we are aware of that are available to our Washoe County residents.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, whether you need a ride (we have members who are fully vaccinated available to help with this) or someone else to fill out all these internet forms. It can be confusing, and we’re happy to help out. Kol Yisrael aravim zeh bazeh – all of the people of Israel are responsible one for the other!

Update on 65-69 Age Group

Those 65-69 are next in line within the General Population Lane. Beginning the week of February 22, Governor Steve Sisolak has announced immunization opportunities will be available for Nevadans 65 and older through the federal pharmacy partnership program. Those pharmacies include:


Rabbi Sara