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Jewish Practice

Simchat Torah at Sinai 2015. “Judaism is not a religion of individual souls but that of a people…. In Judaism it is not only the individual who confronts God; the people as a people is committed to living in such confrontation. As it lives as a people in the presence of God, so it turns to God in prayer as a people.”
~Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits

Jewish Practice encompasses all times, as individuals and as a community, that we practice the traditions of our people. As both our most important and most frequent holiday, Shabbat is the cornerstone of Jewish practice. Below you will find the complete schedule of Shabbat services at the Temple, as well as a Shabbat blessings guide for your practice at home. You will also find a link to the melodies of Shabbat prayers we most commonly sing at Temple Sinai. In addition to celebrating Shabbat in community each week, we also live by the rhythm of the Jewish calendar that brings meaning and embodied Jewish values into every season of the year.

To learn more about the Jewish calendar of holidays, please click here.

We hope to welcome you to a Shabbat or holiday celebration at Temple Sinai very soon.



“More than the Jewish people have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jewish people.”
~Ahad HaAm

Every week we hold a Kabbalat Shabbat service (to welcome the Sabbath) on Friday evening at 7:30 p.m.

If you would like to host an Oneg Shabbat for one of these Fridays to celebrate a special event in your life with the community, click the button below orcall the Temple office at 747-5508.

Click to sponsor an Oneg.

Tot Shabbat

On the 1st Friday of every month there is a Tot Shabbat Service and Shabbat Potluck dinner for families with small children (although everyone is welcome). It is a shorter service with a story for children. Once in the year every class of Sinai School class helps to lead one of these services. There is an Evite sent out each month for the Potluck dinner. To add your name to this Evite list, click here to send an email and put “Add to Tot Shabbat” in the message field.

Saturday Shabbat Service & Torah Study

On the 1st and 3rd Shabbat of every month, we hold a Shacharit (Morning) Shabbat Service at 9:30 a.m. Then, at 10:30 a.m. we enjoy breakfast thanks to that month’s breakfast volunteer, and from 10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. we study the parshat hashavua, the Torah portion assigned to that Shabbat and the rest of the week to come.

You may attend both the service and the study, or just one of the two! No RSVP necessary. It has become a lovely, warm and thoughtful community of folks who pray and study together and we are very welcoming of all who wish to join us!


Chavurah Shabbat

Chavurah Shabbat seeks to cultivate a culture of home-based Shabbat practice in the community, while strengthening connections within the Sinai community. On the 3rd Friday of every other month, the facilitator of each geographically-based chavurah organizes a Shabbat dinner in a member family’s home. The Temple provides Chavurah Shabbat prayer booklets and study-discussion sheets that touch on that week’s Torah portion while encouraging a deeper level of sharing around the table. On special occasions, the chavurot meet at the Temple for a full-Temple Shabbat dinner and events.

Now in its second year, more than half of our Temple Sinai members are active in their neighborhood chavurah. We have seven chavurot (plural) spanning the neighborhoods of Reno with a concentration of Temple Sinai members: Northwest, Midtown, Downtown, Caughlin Ranch, Galena, Sparks and South Reno.

The goals of Chavurah Shabbat are three-fold:

  1. Strengthen the social fabric of community.
  2. Deepen members’ experience of Shabbat as a home-based practice.
  3. Cultivate culture of hospitality and relationship-building.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Chair of the Chavurah Shabbat Committee for more information.

Click here to download the Chavurah Shabbat Service Booklet.



practice holidays sukkot 2015 378wWe celebrate all major (and most minor) Jewish holidays in community, including:

We hold Family Days in our Sinai School for each holiday throughout the year and together, we bring the rhythm and meaning of the Jewish calendar into our personal and communal lives.

Click for Current and Upcoming Holiday info at Temple Sinai



Click below to listen to and/or download recordings of the Shabbat prayers. You can also view the text of the prayers as you listen to them.

Please be patient when you click below. The Prayers page may take some time to load.

Shabbat Prayers

High Holy Day Prayers